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Specialised Canvas Services Goes Karting!

This Sunday afternoon was something else for the Specialised Canvas Services, as the bravest members decided to try their luck on the race track. This activity helped to build SCS teamwork skills as everyone was rooting for each other. Nevertheless, there was a fierce competition going on between members of the team as everyone wanted to be the best they possibly could.

Even when Specialised Canvas Services team needed to meet each other at 4pm on the most beautiful day of March, everyone stayed till the end and found themselves leaving the venue of TeamSport Go Karting at 10pm in the evening.

The experience for everyone was great as it was an incredible opportunity for the team to socialise and to go beyond their own individual limits. And who knew that the best racer from the Specialised Canvas Services would be a girl? But not for long as everyone is anticipating the next race meeting where they could beat their best lap score.

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Kamile Bagdanaviciute

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