Specialised Canvas Services was founded in the 1970s in the Derbyshire town of Chesterfield. At the time we were a simple one product company. We manufactured tarpaulins to cover vehicles, there was a considerable local requirement for these products to service the Coal industry that dominated the area’s economy.

The company grew with time and our product range developed. We began to offer many leisure and domestic products such as Awnings and Sunshades. The late 1980’s saw a massive shift in our business, as the Coal Mines closed wiping out our principal market overnight. Thankfully, we had developed a group of wonderful customers within the transport sector, we had also developed a business supplying camping goods and products to the consumer market.

In the early 1990’s Specialised Canvas entered a new era, our Current Managing director Jonathan Bramah spotted an opportunity and acquired the business, he set about revolutionising its capabilities and brought a new energy to the company.

2002 saw our little company make a huge leap forward relocating, from a cramped two storey premises, to a 12,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility. This opened up a vast array of new possibilities, enabling us to take on much greater sizes of project and expand our workforce to meet demand. Today Specialised Canvas Services hasn’t forgotten its origins, you can still pop in for a quick repair! However, we continue to develop as a company and explore new product and services we can deliver to the market every year.

Working at SCS

We believe SCS is a great organisation to work for and we welcome applications from those interested in joining our team. Click here for information on current job opportunities.