Schools Out for Summer – Time to Re-cover your Gazova

Across the country, schools are closing for the summer holidays; a time when teachers can take a well-earned rest and improvements can be made to the school in preparation for the start of the new academic year in September and whilst school pupils are safely out of the way.

One such school is the Redscope Primary School in Rotherham, where Specialised Canvas have installed a Gazova, which will offer the pupils protection from the damaging effects of the sun’s UV rays and the occasional downpour.

For this particular Gazova, one of many we produce customised to customer specifications, we used a Bottle Green Coated Acrylic material, chosen from a wide range of colours and to blend in well with the school’s surroundings. Coated Acrylic is a synthetic woven base material with a Polyurethane coated finish and is designed to perform effectively when used as part of outdoor applications. It is also solution-dyed for colour stability and is UV (Ultraviolet) resistant.

The material also has excellent colour stability, high resistance to sunlight and almost all weather conditions, a resistance to tearing and an aesthetically pleasing traditional canvas appearance.

Specialised Canvas can manufacture Gazova and Canopy Covers for almost any shape or size of timber frame securing the covers using a variety of robust and hard-wearing fixings. After years of experience and many happy clients we have a huge number of patterns which we can quickly adapt to suit any frame.

The Cover we installed at Redscope Primary School, which was a replacement for a rather tired looking worn-out cover, was for a Gazova measuring 6m x 4m with a solid timber frame. We finished it with eyelets and bungee cord to aid fitting and to allow for removal at any time for maintenance. The frames themselves were also fitted with lacing bobbins to allow for this.

If your school playground needs a new or replacement Gazova cover, then contact us now for a no obligation quote. All we need is the size of the frame and perhaps a couple of photos.

Find out more here: bespoke-canopies

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