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Talk of Coronavirus is everywhere, anywhere you go, you can’t escape it!

As the nation prepares itself to deal with the disease in the coming weeks and most probably months, it’s also essential to think about the impact this will have on UK businesses and the economy as a whole – as we publish this post stocks are down 8% on the day! Supply chains are already being impacted, this will undoubtedly only worsen, and consumers buying habits will significantly change and become harder to predict.

Turbulent Times Ahead

If you were to say that we are in for a turbulent 2020, then this would unquestionably be an understatement when you consider we also have the uncertainty of Brexit, which seems to have taken a back seat for the moment, looming over our economy.

Since the start of the year, interest in the services we provide has undoubtedly been progressively growing. We’re hearing from UK companies from a range of industries looking for a reliable supply of their products, some frantically searching for an immediate option as current channels dry up, others proactively striving to stay ahead of the game and prepare for what they consider to be around the corner.

On Your Screens

One product attracting significant interest is our medical isolation chambers, made by our Flexiplastic division, which were used by the Ministry of Defence and NHS during the Ebola outbreak in 2014. Indeed, last week we had the pleasure of welcoming BBC news to our 25’000 square feet manufacturing facility in Chesterfield and were subsequently featured on the nationwide news programme.


In the Press

Further to this, company Director Sam Bramah was featured within an article in the Guardian, discussing the impact that Coronavirus is having on British businesses and how it is forcing a change on supply chains that can be favourable for UK manufacturers.

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If you’d like to talk to someone about how we can stabilise the supply of products to your business, whether it be covers, bags or any sewn solution then we would love to hear from you.