Golf Buggy Enclosure Rezipped!

As you know, we do love a challenge and are often presented with new and intriguing tests of our know-how. We were recently approached by a keen golfer (Chris); so keen in fact that he likes to get out and play in all weathers and even has a special cover for his golf buggy, which he refers to as a golf enclosure. The cover he had was rather premium and so when the zip fastener no longer worked, he understandably chose to get it repaired. Thankfully, he found Specialised Canvas online, partly due to our tent awning repair service and asked if we could help. Well, in no time at all, we had replaced the zip and his buggy cover is now as good as new.

Chris was extremely pleased with the finished item. ‘I’s great…’ he told us,’…many, many thanks.’

If you are a member of a golf club and have any repair needs or are aware of fellow members needing repairs to their buggy covers, then look no further than Specialised Canvas.

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