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Happy New Year! Get covered this winter – we can provide robust waterproof covers for almost anything you need protected

Gimme Shelter

We were recently asked by a customer to create some additional protection from the elements for a Fiat Ducato. The popular vehicle, used for camping across Europe comes with a built-in extendable awning. This is fine when the sun is directly above or the rain falling vertically, but as we all know this is not the norm and the weather has a way of getting in from all sides. We effectively ‘pimped’ this particular camper by developing a custom made waterproof panel to improve the overall shelter and ensured that fitting was effective and hassle-free.

This can be used on Hobby Campers in the same way and can be attached at either end of the overhead awning, depending on where the rain or wind is coming from!

In addition, our customer also asked if we could solve the problem of the windows heating up and letting in too much sun on bright days. This we did, providing a custom made window cover, which fits snugly around the open window when tilted upwards.

These are just two examples of how a specific challenge can be overcome with an understanding of the requirements and a little ingenuity.

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John Nickson

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