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Summer is well and truly with us at last and an ideal time to sit out in the garden and enjoy a glass of chilled Pimm’s with a few slices of cucumber and a sprig of mint. Whatever your poison, it’s so much more pleasurable sitting comfortably beneath some shelter, which provides cool shade and prevents you wilting in the heat.

So far, this season, we’ve had plenty of requests for the sort of canvas solutions we’re used to providing and for which we’ve become quite proficient, but every request is unique and we’re always up for a challenge and the opportunity to create something just that little bit different.

Your imagination determines what we do next and we’re confident we can deliver!

If you have a Canopy in your garden (or would like one) you may have noticed how the sturdy frame usually outlasts the average canopy itself and that these can soon become discoloured or damaged. It may save you money in the long run to simply replace the existing cover with a new one; and that’s where we come in. Our canopies are made from quality, waterproof material and can be reproduced to the exact size of your existing canopy or adapted as required. If you also have garden furniture you’d like to protect, we can provide covers for this too, and can match the colour of the canopy.

If you have some trees in your garden, then these can provide the perfect anchors for a Shade Sail. Originally popular beneath the clear blue skies of Australia, Shade Sails have now been adopted here in the UK for a number of different purposes such as protecting children from the suns UV rays in gardens and school playgrounds and adding some welcome shelter in pub gardens. The ‘sails’, made from heavy duty sheeting are secured using special straps, rope, bungees and ring fixings and pulled taught to prevent flapping in the wind. These need not be considered permanent and can be taken down and stored away in a shed during the winter to extend their life.

We can also provide quality repairs for all garden covers.

Our winning combination:

We have a selection of high quality synthetic and natural fabrics to choose from, in a variety of colours, all suited to your garden. We have a huge production facility, equipped with the machines and tools required to sew heavy duty materials on an industrial scale and to manufacture to almost any design and for an infinite range of purposes. We can effectively turn our hand to anything.

We are also lucky enough to have a terrific team of skilled and nimble-fingered machinists, who have been assembling products for our customers for many years and who bring genuine experience to Specialised Canvas.

Here are a few of the bespoke items we’ve recently manufactured for some of our customers and which may give you some inspiration and ideas of your own…

For made-to-measure canopies, swing seat covers, garden furniture covers, shade sails, sandpit covers, hot tub covers, gazebos and much more, call us now on 01246 472949

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