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Electric Bike Covers

SCS recently manufactured a small bike cover to fit so a pair of electric bikes could neatly be mounted onto the back of a transit van. We’ve all seen the standard vehicle bike racks but their biggest problem, a soggy seat when you get your location.

Our customer is the proud owner of some brilliant electric bikes, which offer that little extra boost when your legs tire up the large climbs of Derbyshire. It was decided these brand new bikes required a little more protection from the elements than a standard mountain bike. Hence our customer called on us for a made to measure cover which would keep the bikes safe and dry when mounted on the back of his van.

The cover was manufactured from a coated acrylic for its durability and weatherproof qualities. It was decided a burgundy was the most desirable colour for the cover, this almost acts as camouflage for the bikes when in position on the back of the red transit.

A vital part of the cover was the measuring up – too tight and the cover wouldn’t protect the bikes properly, too lose and there is a chance the cover could be lost when driving at higher speeds. The final touch to ensure the cover stayed in place was a simple but effective drawstring system. The cover was finished with eyelets along the bottom edge which the drawstring is threaded through and tightened to suit and give a snug fit.

Overall, an unusual cover but something well within our skills. We would also like to thank our lovely customer who was kind enough to bring us some chocolates in for been able to solve his unusual problem.

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Paul Noble

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