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Bespoke Vehicle Awning

Rolling back the years… this week we’re able to make one customer very happy with a made to measure awning for his striking motorhome.

The vintage piece really is one of a kind and we were approached to restore the motorhome to its former glory by reinstating the awning part of the motorhome. The aptly named siesta is certainly something a little different and draws plenty of attention.

The vehicle is a 1970 Canterbury Siesta, coach built based on a Mk1 Escort 8cwt van. Although the fabric awning was long gone when our customer purchased the vehicle he did importantly have the frame.

Our customer had even managed to find a print of what the Siesta would have looked like – completing the puzzle for us! With a frame and an idea of the target product we could get to work.

Don’t get me wrong it was a challenge with no pattern to work from certain elements involved took a bit of considered guess work. However, it was well worth it for the result!

Our customer was kind enough to bring the vehicle in which gave us time and reassess measurements if we needed to rethink the fabrics covers design. He commented: “The staff were brilliant, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, helpful & really understood what I was after. I can’t rate them highly enough, so if you need anything I’d defo recommend them.”

We thank our wonderful customer for his kind words and been so understanding of our requirement to keep the vehicle while work was in-progress. It’s lovely have such an appreciative customer for the work we do. Even if the Siesta did give some our most experienced machinists a bit of a headache!

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Paul Noble

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