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PVC is one of our key go-to fabrics for many industrial applications.

Available in a huge range of weights and finishes, there is a PVC for virtually any kind of performance textile application. Available as plain PVC but more commonly PVC is supplied as a ‘reinforced’ or ‘Supported’ fabric. These materials usually have a base fabric which provides strength. The thickness of the PVC coating and the type of base cloth determine the overall strength and performance characteristics of the fabric.

For most commercial applications PVC’s in the range of 500gsm – 650gsm are suitable but for very heavy applications materials up to 1000gsm are available.

We stock many PVC materials from leading suppliers, most PVC fabrics are fire retardant and highly resistant to weathering including, water, temperature or chemicals

Applications for PVC include Industrial covers, Tarpaulins, Waterproof bags, Marquees, and many other specialist uses. PVC’s can be printed either directly to the fabric or applied to a panel or section of a product.

If we don’t already stock a suitable product our teams can help with the sourcing of a PVC fabric which suits your application.

Material Type Synthetic
Manufacturer Leading suppliers: Dickson’s, Lows of Dundee, Mansam
Weight 500gsm up to 1000gsm
Flame Retardant Yes
Printers Used
Fixation Used