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Industrial Sewing Services

Sewing-IndustrialSpecialised Canvas Services are proud providers of Industrial Sewing Services all from our UK base in Staveley, Chesterfield. We appreciate that sewing is often a forgotten but vital element in the production of industry and leisure products. We endeavour to be true to our name and provide a specialist sewn solution.

We have a range of light and heavy duty sewing machines, along with dedicated overlock, pattern stitch and single and twin needle lock machines. Our experience within the sewing industry enables us to advise you on a solution as per your performance characteristics, this may include: fabrics, environmental circumstances, temperature performance.

The company also has the capability to design artwork and CAD drawings in-house. This helps the machinists to gain a full understanding of the product and apply their skills to give the best possible finish, in both look and durability.

The sewing at Specialised Canvas is really the heart of the business and we have become experts in everything from tent repairs to industrial machine covers. This is mainly due to the experience and dedication of our wonderful machinists, as well as the equipment we have available to us.