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Happy New Year! Get covered this winter – we can provide robust waterproof covers for almost anything you need protected

Industrial & Commercial

No.7-Night-SheetsPerformance textile products can be found in a huge range of environments and often make up an important component within a larger structure. Our covers and canopies teams have experience in making covers for virtually any object you can imagine. In particular protection from the weather is vital when creating a cover, as this factor alone can destroy an unprotected asset in a short period of time.

We will aid you in selecting the right material and style of cover to best suit your requirements.  The list of possible items in this sector is virtually infinite whether it is a machine cover, canopy, screen or protective sheet we can advise the best solution for you.

If possible please bring your item to us and we will manufacture and fit the cover for you. If it is not convenient or feasible our sales team will be pleased to come to your premises and measure up to assess how we can best serve your requirements for textile products.