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Shade Sails

Made in the UK

Specialised Canvas have the capability to provide a range of bespoke shade sail solutions. Essentially, a ‘Shade Sail’ is a non-permanent fabric membrane that is held up by fixings on poles or attached to a building, in a horizontal or angled manner. Shade sails took off in Australia as a method of protecting school children from harmful UV rays. The sails have been a success in UK schools also and the smoking ban has brought a new alternative purpose to the sails.  

For example we have previously measured and successfully installed a sail to 4 large trees at a local school. The sails are manufactured from strong heavy duty sheeting. Generally we would double up the material and double seam the corners and to give the sheet additional support, helping to protect the sheet in adverse weather conditions.

We have a range of straps, rope, ring fixings and bungees readily available on site, this gives us the perfect tools to assess a planned sites requirements and create appropriate and sturdy fixings for the sail. The shade sails we provide are robust enough to be left out all year, however, to prolong the sails life we do advise they are taken down in the winter months. Heavy rain and snow can put large amounts of pressure on the sail for prolonged periods thus gradually weakening the overall structure.

How to Get a Quote

  1. Shade sails generally require one of our team to come and assess the site, where we will discuss the size and style of shade
  2. We will then send you a written quote explaining the price and job requirements
  3. If you are happy with the information provided we will proceed with the work
  4. Once complete it is often preferable we come and fit the sail, but this is depended upon the complexity of your sail. Please discuss the best option for you with our sales team
  5. Generally we have work completed in around 15 days and will be in touch when the work is ready

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