A cover is a really important consideration to ensure your pride and joy is protected from the elements. The covers can be designed to fit over the entirety of your boat or specific elements or areas. For example, we have previously fitted bespoke motor covers to protect the vital area of the boat.

The boats cover should be designed to protect the vessel from the elements when stationary or in transit. That’s why we design our covers to fit snuggly, often using bungee cord to ensure a tight yet easy to use cover.

With so many boats on the market each cover presents alternative challenges. The beauty of how Specialised Canvas operates means we will design and make a cover for your boat, to a specification that suits you. These covers are an investment, just like the boat itself, we manufacture the covers to last and have a repair team ready should any accidents or weathering occur to your cover.

Our covers are widely manufactured from PVC coated polyester materials. This is due to the materials excellent levels of durability and value for money. A boat cover is designed to withstand prolonged exposure to the sun and be shaped to ensure that it sheds the rain and doesn’t allow standing water to accumulate.

How to Get a Quote

  1. Speak to the Specialised Canvas team regarding the requirements of your boat cover
  2. Once we’ve agreed your requirements you will receive a no obligation quotation over email
  3. If you are happy with this quotation we can start producing your flat sheet
  4. Lead times can vary, please allow around 15 days to avoid disappointment
  5. It is advisable you come and collect the product so we can help you do the initial fitting, if this not an option we offer a chargeable courier delivery service

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